We process waste.
Over and over again.

In a resource-efficient, circular and bio-based economy, Biond takes responsibility for the entire value chain. From organic waste management to processing valuable end-products for transport, industry, agriculture and consumers. It means to be Biond.

Briefly about Biond

Biond leads the transition towards a circular economy and sustainable waste management where organic waste is considered to be valuable resource with several sustainable benefits for society. Biond offers companies and municipalities development as well as technical and commercial management of waste refineries in order to make these more profitable and circular.

Biond is one of Sweden’s largest biogas producers with an annual production of about 100 GWh biogas and 200,000 tonnes biofertilizer. The company currently operates two biocircular refineries, one outside Helsingborg and one in Sävsjö, Sweden. Biond collaborates with the sister company Bonbio to develop new and innovative products out of organic waste.

Waste management. Biond operates biocircular refineries for organic waste in Sweden.

Part of Peas Industries

Biond is part of Peas Industries, a holding and investment group with over 25 years of experience in owning and building companies in several of the markets where it is possible to make the most positive difference: a renewable energy sector, circular waste management and long-term sustainable food production. The Group had sales of approximately SEK 4.4 billion in 2018. For more information, visit www.peas.com.

Creating value. Sustainable waste management leads to new products and business ideas.

From A to Biond

Large amounts of organic waste occur in our society today. Food waste from households and restaurants, expired foods, animal by-products or animal waste is considered by many to be old garbage and is today one of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters. If the planet is to be able to provide us with resources in the amount needed in the future, we must move from a linear to a circular economy, where waste is seen as a valuable resource.

Biond recycles and processes organic waste in biocircular refineries. This while reducing climate emissions, returning nutrients to the ecosystem and developing new products that benefit the society as a whole. Constant renewal and improvement are a must for development and we strongly trust that innovation of the traditional waste industry is value-creating for everyone. Together with local partners, we work actively to find new business ideas and additional value for the organic waste.

Our services and products

Operation of biocircular refineries

Biond offers municipalities and companies development, operation and commercial management of facilities for recycling and treatment of biological waste. 


Biond is one of Sweden’s largest biogas producers with an annual production of approx. 100 GWh of biogas used as renewable fuel in the transport sector. 


Biond produces approx. 200,000 tonnes of certified biofertilizer annually. Biofertilizer is a residual product from processing organic substrate to biogas.

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Biond is driving the transition towards a circular, bio-based and fossil-free economy. We are constantly looking for new forms of collaboration where knowledge is translated into innovation. Contact us if you want to influence society in a sustainable direction.